Valle de Guadalupe

The wine route is located to the North of Ensenada in the State of Baja California, where there are more than 70 wineries among which they stand out for producing some of the wines most awarded in distintitos in international festivals, the valleys that comprise it are Those of Guadalupe, Calafia and San Antonio de Las Minas.

Tour and enjoy what the wine route offers: tastings of its excellent wines in wine houses, regional gastronomy that is nowadays recognized worldwide, as well as the characteristic architecture of each one of them that goes from the most use Simple and delicate elements to large buildings of contemporary industrial type, museums, markets, boutiques and more.

Let our staff accompany you and guide you to the best options for your enjoyment and live this tour that will certainly leave you satisfied and with an excellent taste.

The tours that we offer are totally made to measure and the adventure needs that our groups of travelers look for, requests reports and leaves in our hands everything necessary to live this destination, named as one of the best 3 to visit at level National of Mexico in 2016.